Product Features:

  1. Square shape offers up to 27% more capacity than round containers.
  2. Ergonomic handles that are smooth and comfortable.
  3. Reinforced rims add strength and durability.
  4. Thick walls up to 4 mm add strength and durability.
  5. Bottom hand grips of 30 mm width assist in emptying.
  6. Tight fitting lids help protect the contents.
  7. Square dollies are available to ensure easy mobility and maneuverability of heavy loads.

ModelDescriptionDimensions (cm)CapacityColorPack
1231THOR® Square Container54.6×54.6×57.2cm106LGRAY WHT RED6
1233THOR® Square Container59.7×59.7×73.0cm150LGRAY WHT4
1661THOR® Lid for 123155.9×55.9×5.1cmN/AGRAY WHT RED6
1663THOR® Lid for 123361.0×61.0×5.1cmN/AGRAY WHT4