1. Designed to clean high-temperature equipment.
  2. High-temperature resistant bristles can resist temperatures up to 260°C.
  3. Enables cleaning of equipment that is still hot, saving time.
  4. Holes on the tailend of handle are available for hanging and storage.
  5. 5731 is fit for for cleaning in tight spaces.
  6. 5732 and 5733 have an L-shaped end for quick cleaning of coiled equipment.
  7. 5734 has a loop-end, fit for cleaning the bottom of devices.

ModelDescriptionDimensions (cm)CapacityColorPack
5731 3.5cm High Temperature Cleaning Brush71.0cmN/AWHT12
57322.2cmL-shaped High-temperature Cleaning Brush54.0cmN/AWHT12
57335.0cmL-shaped High-temperature Cleaning Brush58.0cmN/AWHT12
57345.0cm Ring-shaped High-temperature Cleaning Brush61.0cmN/AWHT6