1. Sturdy and durable, fully functional carts, suitable for handling work in the front and back-of house.
  2. Molded, formed structure of the carts is sturdy and durable – will not rust, dent or come apart.
  3. Ergonomic, comfortable handle provides flexible control.
  4. Textured surfaces for non-skid and safe transporting.
  5. With a spacious countertop, two lower railing basins can be placed at the same time (8211).
  6. 10cm quiet non-marking castors which serve to reduce noise and subsequent floor maintenance.
  7. The Sundry barrels (4811, 4821) can be placed on both sides to increase the collection capacity.

ModelDescriptionDimensions(cm)Load (static/dynamic)Pack
4081HI5® Utility Cart111.6 × 54.0 × 95.6cm135kg1
4082 HI5® Utility Cart with Enclosed End Panels on 3 Sides111.6 × 54.0 × 95.6cm135kg1
4083 HI5® Utility Cart with Lockable Doors Sliding Drawer111.6 × 54.0 × 95.6cm135kg1
4084 HI5® Utility Cart with Lockable Doors Enclosed Panels111.6 × 54.0 × 95.6cm135kg1