GN 1/4 Cold Food Pan


  1. Makes food preparation, cooking, serving and storing effortless.
  2. Break resistant, won’t rust, dent or twist.
  3. Reduces potential of chemical or acid reactions and resulting foodcontaminations.
  4. Effectively avoids cross-contamination.
  5. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  6. Quieter, not as cool to touch and with less condensation than metal.
  7. Non-stick surfaces for easy food debris removal and cleaning.
  8. Complies with EN 631-1 standards.
  9. Comply with the requirements of NSF #2.

Size (mm)Depth (mm)Capacity (L)PC Cold Food PanPP Cold Food PanCase Pack
265 × 162mm65 mm1.6L8941CLR8761CLR6
265 × 162mm100 mm2.4L8942CLR8762CLR6
265 × 162mm150 mm3.8L8943CLR8763CLR6