GN 1/3 Food Pan


  1. Makes preparing, cooking, serving and storing effortless.
  2. No Bisphenol A, effectively preventing food safety risks.
  3. Resistant to rust, dent, twist, odor and cross contamination.
  4. Materials are inert reducing the potential for chemical or acidreactions.
  5. Effectively prevent cross-contamination.
  6. Non-stick feature makes cleaning easier.
  7. Complies with the standards of EN 631-1.
  8. Complies with the requirements of NSF #2.

Size (mm)Depth (mm)Capacity (L)Cold Food PanHot Food PanCase Pack
325 × 176mm65 mm2.5L8471CLR8831AMBER BLA6
325 × 176mm100 mm3.8L8472CLR8832AMBER BLA6
325 × 176mm150 mm5.1L8473CLR8833AMBER BLA6
325 × 176mm200 mm7.0L8474CLR6