Improved Food Services

Our innovative products enhance food freshness, reduce costs, and improve service delivery.

Sustainability Commitment

Exceptional product design, sound recyclability and durability, and the use of environmentally friendly materials are our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Safety Commitment

Our products meet food preparation, storage and transport industry standards.

What is HACCP

HACCP, which stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, is an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food safety related risk. It is a management system
in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement, and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

There are seven key principles in food safety:

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Critical Control Points
  • Critical Limits
  • Critical Control Monitoring • Corrective Action
  • Procedures
  • Record Keeping

The seven HACCP principles are included in the international standard ISO 22000 FSMS 2005 and are implemented in many Food Safety Programs all around the world.

As a leading supplier to the food service industry, our products contribute to HACCP certification. We offer a full range of solutions from material handling to ingredient storage, cooking, transporting, waste management and cleaning to help you maintain food safety in your daily workflow.

Material Handling

Trust utility carts and platform trucks allow for fast and efficient handling, which ensures food quality and reduces waste.

Food Storage

Use our storage bins and containers to ensure that ingredients are dry, safe and free from external contamination.


Food pans make it easier to distribute food and measure portions accurately.

Food Transporting

Our insulated boxes maintain their contents at a constant temperature during transport, ensuring food quality.

Waste Management

Foot-operated pedal waste bins to avoid hand contact with contaminants and prevent cross-contamination.


Microfiber cleaning tools for efficient and fast cleaning and disinfection.